Interpat Winter General Assembly Meeting, Copenhagen, 13-15 November 2023 –November 13, 2023- November 15, 2023

Our Winter 2023 General Assembly meeting will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark from Monday 13 November-Wednesday 15 November 2023. (Interpat members and affiliates only)

Launch of the Interpat South Korea IP Study –June 14, 2023- June 14, 2023

The objective of the study is to:
1. Set out the policy framework for supporting innovation in South Korea and the current state of innovative activity
2. Undertake a case study analysis on countries with potential lessons from other countries which may represent an opportunity for South Korea
3. Develop scenarios as to how innovative activity could change in South Korea, if policies adopted in other countries were pursued

Interpat Summer General Assembly, Seoul, 12-14 June 2023 –June 12, 2023- June 14, 2023

Our Summer 2023 General Assembly will be held in Seoul, South Korea from Monday 12 June-Wednesday 14 June 2023. (Interpat members and affiliates only)

AMIIF-FIFARMA Innovation Week, 28 March-30 March 2023 (Day 2 & 3) –March 29, 2023- March 30, 2023

Day 2 & 3: Virtual Innovation Week Agenda: Agenda SI23 ENGLISH Andrew Jenner, Interpat DG, will be contributing to the discussion on Innovation Ecosystems (Panel 8) on 30 March. Register in the link below Panel 4: Overcoming challenges in cancer care: an interdisciplinary approach Panel 5: Innovations in care and delivery of treatments: expanding access […]

AMIIF-FIFARMA Innovation Week, 28 March-30 March 2023 (Day 1) –March 28, 2023- March 28, 2023

Day 1: On-site live event  To commemorate their anniversary, AMIIF will be holding the traditional innovation week. This year it is organised in conjunction with the Latin American Federation of the Pharmaceutical Industry (FIFARMA). There will be participation from several international speakers from WIPO, IFPMA and other organisations. Andrew Jenner, DG of INTERPAT will participate […]

Launching the IP PACT: Our approach to Intellectual Property with patient and societal benefit at its core –April 26, 2021- April 26, 2021

Medical innovations driven by the biopharmaceutical industry have played a fundamental role in helping people live longer, healthier lives. As the global population’s health needs become increasingly complex, it is ever more essential that we research and develop life-saving medicines and vaccines to meet these challenges. Intellectual Property (IP) has been central to great scientific […]

World IP Day 2023 – April 26, 2023

April 26, 2023

World IP Day 2023 – Women and IP: Accelerating innovation and creativity – celebrates the work of trailblazing women around the world and raises awareness about why it is so important to encourage more women to participate in the IP system. Women in all regions are shaping the world through their imagination, ingenuity and hard work, but […]

Intellectual Property Day – April 26, 2022

April 26, 2022

This year World IP Day will be focussing on IP and Youth: Innovating for a Better Future. Celebrating the youth of today around the globe as an untapped source of ingenuity and creativity, many of our young people are stepping forwarding with ideas and strategies to support change and innovation. WIPO will be continuing their […]