Who we are

INTERPAT is a non-profit association of research-based biopharmaceutical companies that promotes effective intellectual property (IP) protection throughout the world as a key incentive of sustainable innovation to advance global health.  Its representatives are the leading and senior executives of its member companies who are responsible for IP and IP related matters.

Introduction to INTERPAT

INTERPAT was originally set up in the 1960s to provide advice on Intellectual Property matters from senior IP professionals to the management of its member companies. It later gained momentum as a biopharmaceutical industry organisation in its own right.

INTERPAT is unique amongst biopharmaceutical industry associations in that its Representatives are the senior IP or Patent counsel from its IP or Patents departments. These Representatives have extensive experience as both practising attorneys and senior managers.


The INTERPAT mission is to provide a forum for Intellectual Property leaders from the biopharmaceutical industry to achieve consensus and explore cross-industry support on priority Intellectual Property issues, and to deliver actions that shape the global environment of Intellectual Property to ensure sustainable innovation that advances health of the global population.



INTERPAT benefits from representation that comprises the leading and senior IP Counsels from the biopharmaceutical industry that are empowered to make strategic decisions on IP. This enables the sharing of knowledge, expertise, best/worst practices and experiences to build consensus on policy issues. INTERPAT also monitors and reviews IP legislation, IP Office practice, and IP enforcement.


INTERPAT is well placed to gather the latest information and intelligence on the global IP landscape through its members country affiliates and extensive IP network.


INTERPAT works closely with other industry associations to ensure that policy development and advocacy deployment benefits from the full range of industry expertise and latest available information.

Collaboration, alignment and alliance creation with other innovative industries and trade associations, remains a key focus and allows for messaging to be transmitted through numerous channels and with different voices.

INTERPAT will continue to enrich the public policy debate and/or expand technical competence on IP by organising international conferences and educational seminars, where industry input will underscore the importance of IP for sustainable innovation, patient access and economic growth.