Who we are

While the world faces many health challenges, advances in medicines, biological products, vaccines and other health technologies mean that many people are living longer and with improved quality of life. There is, however, much work to be done to bring benefits of these advances to all people.

The research-based pharmaceutical industry’s unique role in researching and developing new medicines, biological products, and vaccines provides crucial support to global health efforts. INTERPAT and our members are committed to working in partnership with governments, intergovernmental bodies, non-governmental organizations, civil society organizations and others to share our experience and expertise on how to achieve a vibrant innovation ecosystem through effective incentives.

Introduction to INTERPAT

INTERPAT was originally set up in the 1960s to provide advice on Intellectual Property matters from senior IP professionals to the management of its member companies. It later gained momentum as a biopharmaceutical industry organisation in its own right.

INTERPAT is unique amongst biopharmaceutical industry associations in that its Representatives are the senior IP or Patent counsel from its IP or Patents departments. These Representatives have extensive experience as both practising attorneys and senior managers.

Our Mission

INTERPAT provides a forum for Intellectual Property leaders from the biopharmaceutical industry to achieve consensus and explore cross-industry support on priority Intellectual Property issues, and to deliver actions that shape the global environment of Intellectual Property to ensure sustainable innovation that advances health worldwide.

INTERPAT is a non-profit association of research-based biopharmaceutical companies that promotes effective intellectual property (IP) protection throughout the world as a key incentive for sustainable innovation to advance global health. Its representatives are the leading and senior executives of its member companies who are responsible for IP and IP-related matters.

Driving Innovation through Dialogue & Collaborations

“Our objective is to promote effective intellectual Property (IP) protection throughout the world as a key incentive for sustainable innovation to advance global health.”

Our Objectives

To fulfil its mission, INTERPAT follows these guiding principles:

  • Support biopharmaceutical research & development
  • Evidence the value of intellectual property as an effective incentive for innovation and as a driver of economic growth and societal benefit
  • Progress expert engagement and collaboration with governments, industry, academia and NGOs.

Innovation and Access

The biopharmaceutical industry has delivered some of the most incredible life-changing interventions for safeguarding and improving health. The industry must continue to deliver as the global population grows increasingly complex in its health needs. Sustainable healthcare requires collaborative innovation and delivery across all industries associated with health provision and around the globe.

Policymakers need to ensure that there is the right environment and incentive framework to stimulate and nurture innovation. Advancement in technology, science and communication will stretch the bounds of possibility and the expectations of probability. The investment to explore and deliver on those bounds and expectations requires innovative use and reasoned global governance of Intellectual Property to drive the appropriate incentives for long term investment to benefit patients today and tomorrow, irrespective of where they live.

Industry IP Excellence

INTERPAT benefits from representation that comprises the leading and senior IP Counsels from the biopharmaceutical industry for strategic decision making on IP. This enables the sharing of knowledge, expertise, good practices and experiences to further sustainable innovation. INTERPAT also monitors and reviews IP legislation, IP Office practice, and IP enforcement. INTERPAT has several Working Groups that leverage industry expertise to address issues in Latin America, China, India and Greater Asia as well as relating to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD).

Its governing bodies are the INTERPAT Executive Committee (ExCo) and the INTERPAT General Assembly which comprises the entire membership. The President and Vice President of INTERPAT are elected from amongst the Principal Representatives of Member Companies for a term of two years and can be re-elected for one additional term of two years. The Director General and Treasurer are ex officio and have permanent seats on ExCo. The remaining members of ExCo are selected from different geographical locations, based on the headquarter location of the membership.

Idea Incubator

INTERPAT acts as an incubator for new ideas to help foster innovation activity or enhance understanding of the value and role of IP. Examples of these ideas include:

  1. WIPO Re:Search, which drives innovation in the areas of neglected tropical diseases, TB and malaria
  2. WIPO Pat-INFORMED, which provides easy access to medicine patent information

Global Intelligence & Evidence

INTERPAT is well placed to gather the latest information and intelligence on the global IP landscape through its member’s country affiliates and extensive IP network. It also has a program of work that evidences the value of IP on economic development and societal benefit.


INTERPAT works in partnership with other industry associations at global, regional and levels to ensure that policy development and advocacy deployment benefits from the full range of industry expertise and latest available information. INTERPAT also has a number of partnerships with academia and platforms for the mutually beneficial exchange of perspectives, expertise and experience.