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PRINCIPAIS CONCLUSÕES: Valor da PI para a saúde e o crescimento Os benefícios do fortalecimento do ambiente de inovação no Brasil

• A INTERPAT solicitou à Charles River Associates (CRA) que identificasse e quantificasse os benefícios econômicos do fortalecimento do ambiente para inovação no Brasil • O objetivo do estudo é: - Estabelecer o cenário de políticas para apoiar a inovação no Brasil e a situação atual da atividade inovadora - Realizar estudo de caso em outros países, fora da região da A. Latina, com lições potencialmente aplicáveis para o Brasil, sobre como políticas podem estimular a inovação e atividades relacionadas no país - Desenvolver cenários de como a atividade inovadora poderia mudar no Brasil, caso políticas adotadas em outros países fossem seguidas

KEY FINDINGS: Value of IP for health and growth: The economic benefits of strengthening the environment for innovation in Brazil

• INTERPAT asked Charles River Associates (CRA) to identify and quantify the economic benefits from strengthening the environment for innovation in Brazil • The objective of the study is to: - Set out the policy framework for supporting innovation in Brazil and the current state of innovative activity - Undertake a case study analysis on countries, outside the Lat Am region, with potential lessons for Brazil on how policies can improve innovation and related activities in countries - Develop scenarios as to how innovative activity could change in Brazil, if policies adopted in other countries were pursued

Business Times article: How Singapore can lead Biopharma Innovation by INTERPAT & SAPI

INTERPAT supported SAPI (Singapore Association of Pharmaceutical Industries) and contributed to this article which highlights the importance of safeguarding Singapore's attractiveness as a biopharmaceutical innovation hub through strong IP protection.

Joint IPO/INTERPAT white paper Submission to SPC on the Determination of Post-Filing Experimental Data

INTERPAT and IPO submitted a white paper to the Supreme People's Court concerning Post Filing Data.

Joint Association Comments to Australian PC Draft Report on IP Arrangements 03Jun2016

Joint Association Comments on China 4th Patent Law Amendment 22nd Dec 2015

Joint Industry Association Comments on CFDA Policies 52-55 – 24 May 2017

Brazil INPI Examination GLs

Joint Industry Association comments 16th May 2017